Our mission is to use the arts and management as conduits to Educate, Enrich and ultimately Empower the lives of low and moderate-income youth.  Our goal is to build cultured young leaders through our Focus Areas which includes Performing Arts, Leadership Development, Technology and more.


Our desire is for the youth to realize their great potential through developing employable skill sets, engaging with the community in which they live, and contributing to the field of arts and entertainment.  Our vision is to instill the appreciation of the arts and gain levels of achievement in leadership, communication, working with others and helping others.


Low- and moderate-income youth between the ages of 10 and 19 who primarily live in the City of Alexandria, VA.  We also welcome the opportunity to reach eligible youth from the surrounding metropolitan area.


“The Art of Service” captures our commitment to using the arts to help serve the greater good. By creating artistic presentations such as theatrical productions and dance concerts we can fundraise to offset costs related to the provision of a variety of social service programs and initiatives.


MPWRD (Empowered) is the driving message we share with all our youth participants and the culmination of all our programmatic efforts. We are committed to helping youth find, develop and use their voice.  Youth are encouraged to be bold, courageous, and impactful while having their lives be the ultimate “mic drop”! We want every child to know that they are an MC.