Thank you, for considering MC Inc. and your desire to partner with us as we positively transform the lives of our served youth. Providing a safe space and the highest calibre of support staff to our youth is of utmost importance to our organization. If you are interested in joining the MC Inc. team, please contact us to discuss how we can align your talents and skill sets with our mission. Thereafter you will be required to complete two (2) background checks:

  1. Direct Screening Background Check ($16.95)
  2. Alexandria City Public Schools Background Check (Free)

BOTH, background checks must be completed and the physical copy of the report from Direct Screening provided to MC Inc. prior to working with our youth. If you successfully pass the background checks MC Inc. will reimburse the cost associated with the screening. We will be notified directly by the school system regarding the status of their screening. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are sure you can understand the need for this service.


If you are joining us as independent contractor, or a volunteer you are also required to complete and return the associated form found here:

W-9 & Volunteer Form